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Press Release: MCNSPORTS.TV Global Broadband Sports & Entertainment Network (MCNS.TV) (MCNE.TV) Announces New LIVE Weekly Sports and Entertainment Show From Lexington Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky, USA, November 15, 2012 -- "Global Sports Broadband Network MCN.TV and MCNSPORTS.TV (MCNS.TV) and MCNENTERTAINMENT.TV (MCNE.TV) announces the New Live Weekly Sports and Entertainment Show to be Produced and streamed Globally LIVE from different locations throughout Lexington, Kentucky, USA."

The Show "Hardwood & Hollywood" will be hosted by well known actor Mr. Matthew Laurance and streamed LIVE from various well known locations throughout Lexington, Kentucky, USA every Saturday at 06:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Hardwood & Hollywood will be available LIVE and by Video-On-Demand exclusively on the MCN.TV, MCNSPORTS.TV and MCNENTERTAINMENT.TV Global Broadband Networks (MCN.TV, MCNS.TV and MCNE.TV). Hardwood & Hollywood will be bringing the viewer inside the sports and entertainment world along with personal interviews with well known actors and sports figures. Matthieu will be discussing behind the scene stories and going into the personal lives of well known sports figures, athletes and actors. The show will be streamed LIVE throughout world via the Internet and through our exclusive MCN.TV Set-Top-Box.

MCN.TV Broadband Network CEO Marc Brunet stated "Matthieu is not only very well known and respected in the movie and television industry, but he is also extremely knowledgeable in the sports wold. "Yes Matthieu is well known for his time on Saturday Night Live, 90210 and other hit television shows along with his role in Eddy and the Cruisers, but what people don't always realizes is that Matthieu has also been a radio sports commentator for many years and is very knowledgeable in this field. We are very happy to have Matthieu join our family and enjoy working with him."