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MCNSPORTS.TV Finalizing Several Partnerships & Content Deals

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE January 5, 2012 -- "Global Sports Broadband Network MCNSPORTS.TV (MCNS.TV) is finalizing several long term partnerships and content deals that will showcase exclusive sports content for our Global Broadband Sports Network MCNSPORTS.TV / MCNS.TV.

The content will be available LIVE and by Video-On-Demand exclusively on the MCNSPORTS.TV Global Broadband Sports Network (MCNS.TV) and via our exclusive MCNSPORTS Set-Top-Box's.

MCNSPORTS.TV Network CEO Marc Brunet stated "Although most of these partnerships have been in the works for a long time now, some of these partnerships hare fairly recent. We also have ongoing negotiations with European partners to produce and stream exclusive sports content to a global audience via our network. We are very happy with our future outlook and expect to have substantial growth in 2012."