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MCNSPORTS PLC Publicly Trading on the GXG

MCNSPORTS PLC. Is now listed and its shares are being traded on the GXG Exchange under the symbol of MCNS. You can also go to the following link:

MCNSPORTS PLC. Owns and operates MCNSPORTS.TV (MCNS.TV) A Global Broadband Sports Network. MCNSPORTS.TV Global Sports Broadband Network is a leading Internet technology production and web-streaming provider of premier sports and sporting events content and provides simplified streaming solutions to view sports content via the internet by using our own proprietary technology along with the latest streaming technology and production techniques.

MCNSPORTS Global Broadband Network is very happy to report that we are succeeding in establishing ourselves as the 24/7 Global Broadband Sports Network. A number of major corporate changes combined with several key additions have resulted in faster than anticipated growth. As we continue to grow, we will be announcing several key partnerships as well as some exclusive sports content in the very near future. The major sports content that we deliver is only available through the MCNSPORTS.TV Global Broadband Network and via our exclusive Set-Top-Boxes.

CEO Marc Brunet says "Everyone here at MCNSPORTS is very happy and excited to be listing on the GXG Stock Exchange. Being listed on the GXG will provide MCNSPORTS with the exposure to the type of investors we are looking for as we continue to grow and deliver our content to our ever growing North American, European and Global market. The changes that we have made in the company along with the people and talent that we have added over the past few years are obviously paying huge dividends for us. The number of people visiting our Broadband Sports Network, along with our Network Pay-Per-View loyalty and exclusive Set-Top-Box locations are increasing daily. As we continue to work on and improve our Global Broadband Sports Network and State of the Art Production and Streaming capabilities, we continue to reap the rewards. We will continue with our mission statement in order to make our exclusive content even more enjoyable, cutting edge, user-friendly and accessible to anyone globally. With the addition of several major sporting events, partnerships and daily shows that will include an entire directory of exclusive sports content, the best is obviously yet to come."

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